Friday, September 4, 2009

Ego eats the brain

Ego eats the brain. I had heard this saying some years ago from a wise sage in the fire service. He was talking about how some people become consumed with the power that comes with their formal authority. When this happens, they lost touch with reality and start to believe they are the smartest person in the organization and their way of doing this is THE way to do things. It’s sad to see because everyone around the egocentric leader can see what is happening. However, the ego-driven leader, by definition that world revolves around their perceived self-importance, cannot see it.

In the end, the egocentric leader is no longer a leader. Because, by definition, a leader must have followers and those followers must be willing to follow the vision of the leader. This essential quality is eroded with egocentric leaders… and every follower of the egocentric leader lives a miserable existence. They are often reduced to be “yes” people to the boss for fear of reprisal. This gives the boss yet another stroke to that mammoth ego: “I must be right because everyone agrees with me.”

If you were to slip a copy of this blog under the door of your egocentric boss, they'd surely believe it was intended for someone else... because their ego has eaten their brain.

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